Old has gone and the new has come


Terms have changed over the years,  For example, ‘cool’ used to mean cold; but today it means something completely different.  ‘Gay’ used to mean happy, now it is very different.  Terms change.

Also in spiritual terms;  Jesus spoke in a language the people could understand.  The term ‘in Christ’ has been replaced by ‘my faith’, ‘my baptism’; ‘I believe God’ but they do not convey the truth of what it means to be in Christ


What does it mean to be ‘in Christ’?  People IN the ark were saved.  Everyone IN Rahabs house were saved.  Those who are IN Christ will know salvation.


In Christ we are a new creation!  That is transformation.  5 words and a demonstration:

  1. A letter gets put in an envelope. 
  2. The letter is accepted into the envelope
  3. The letter now has security because it’s in the envelope
  4. The letter in the envelope knows significance. It’s important and it’s special. Significance not because of what you do, but where you are
  5. The letter in the envelope has got destiny!

How can we know acceptance, security, significance, destiny?  Because the letter has a stamp on it!  The price has been paid by the precious blood of Jesus.