God is saying to prepare!

How did the wise men prepare?

Loved him simply because of who He is.  We need to be in that place of just loving him: not just because of what he has done (that’s still good), but also because of who He is!  They came to honour Him and bring gifts to Him.  We need to not keep asking him for things (which is still ok) but giving to him our worship; bringing our gift of worship to Him.

How did Mary prepare?

She was leaning on the word of God – be it unto me as the word of the Lord has said.

How did Simeon prepare?

Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  The spirit has spoken once and he was waiting on the Holy Spirit to speak again.  He was ‘tuned in’, living close to God.

How did Anna prepare?

Looking to the Lord – she was praying and fasting and looking to the Lord for what he was going to do

How did the Shepherds prepare?

Living oblivious to the preparations when suddenly God broke in.  We can’t live like that because we are not ignorant – we need to be living in expectancy

How did teachers of the law prepare?

Loopy.  They knew it was going to happen but they did not prepare for it.