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Now Is The Time (HAC2017) – all you need to know

We are looking forward to our next Highland Apostolic Convention which we are calling “Now is the Time”.   We are very excited to have Tim & Anita Jack with us and Tim will be sharing with us on Saturday morning, Saturday evening and then on Sunday morning.   We are also delighted to have Out of the Box ministering to the kids while the 3 sessions are taking place. 

The following slides tell you all you need to know for our upcoming weekend



What church should and can be

We started this series on church from Revelation 1-3 by asking the question, what does Jesus have to say to church.

But before we could answer that question, we first of all needed to get a fresh vision of Jesus, and what we discovered is that Jesus needs to be central to everything we do as a church, that He is among the church empowering us, interceding for us, purifying us, directing us, speaking with my Authority to us and equipping us. And that caused us, as it were, to fall at His feet in worship for who He is and for not only what He has done, but for what He is doing among us.

He them places His right hand on our shoulder and gives us a purpose – a work to do – and He says…

I know you; I know your deeds; You are faithful people and I love you; I know everything about you and there are areas of you life I want to touch because I love you.

I want you to find again that love that you had for me at first; I want you to go back to the cross and find again the love that you had for me where nothing was impossible, where faith said you and me Lord, we can do anything. So I ask you to repent and love me again with a passion that is second to none.

I want you to know that when suffering comes into your life, not to be afraid, for I am the one who has suffered and understands suffering more than anyone, but I have come out the other side victorious, so do not be afraid, just be faithful

I want you to know that sometimes there are things that creep into our lives that ought not to be there, for some of you there are areas of your life that do not bring glory to my name, so I ask that you repent and put that right for as I am holy, I call you to be holy

I want you to know that it’s not enough just to tolerate teaching that is against my word and not say anything, but you need to speak out and take a stand for the truth, for I am the truth. For when you take a stand for the truth of my word, you take a stand for me.

These are the fundamentals of what my church should be, Jesus says, but Jesus also says there is more in me, there is always more in me, and I want to communicate what church can be

I need to shake you to wake you because there is a purpose from me that you have received and heard. There is a task unfinished and that task needs to be progressed because time is short and you don’t want to be caught sleeping when I come

There is before you an open door. I have opened that door for you to step through in faith knowing that things will be different, but that change is into a new place for I am doing a new thing among you and when you step through that door into a new place, you will find that my grace and favour towards you will be outpoured in a way you have never known before, and when you step through that door you are believing the time is short and that I am coming soon. You are active in the task that is unfinished

But in all that church should be and all that church can be there is one thing that makes all of that possible. And that is a relationship with me, Jesus says. It is a relationship that I desire. I knock at the door of your life and I long for you to open the door of your lives to me – all the doors – and welcome me in. This is not about you coming to me for my door is always open for you, this is about you opening the door of your lives to me and wanting me in your life.  For I long for you to get to know me.  I know you, I know everything about you but I still want to have that relationship, that personal best friend forever relationship with you.

That is the desire of Jesus. That all church should be and can be is achieved through relationship with Jesus. For He is the one that can empowers us, intercedes for us, purify us, direct us, speak with authority to us and equip us so that we can glorify Him and be the people and the church He calls us to be.


Highland Apostolic Convention

We are delighted to have Ps Paul Howells coming to speak at our first Highland Apostolic Convention, with some fun organised for the children so they are catered for.    The theme of the weekend will be “Stepping Out – Stepping In”.
The venue is limited to 220, booking, therefore we would recommend booking via   The event is free but we will be taking up a love offering for weekend expenses.
We are really looking forward to the weekend and believing God for great things as we meet together.
Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 20.15.32

A fresh vision of Jesus

Our best days are ahead of us in God. To move into that we need a fresh vision of Jesus.

Why do we need a fresh vision of Jesus? A fresh vision of Jesus
1. keeps Christ central to all that He wants to do among us and say to us
2. causes us to worship Him for who He is and what He’s done, is doing, and will do
3. enables us to respond in action to His call

What is the vision we need of Jesus? The vision we need is to understand what our Lord is doing in our church even now present among us. He is

1. empowering the church;
2. interceding for the church;
3. purifying the church;
4. speaking with authority to the church through His Word;
5. giving order to the church through leadership;
5. equipping the church;
6. and being glorified in the church

So when we start to look at what Jesus had to say to church in terms of what church looks like, we need to have that fresh vision of know the context of why He says what He says.

And He places His right hand on us and tells us not to be afraid to move into his purposes for He is the First and Last, the living One, who was dead and is now alive forever and ever and who holds the keys of death and hades.

Thank You, Lord!

It’s all about Jesus.

Rev 1:9-20


January Prayer 2016

Unknown-3JANUARY 2016 PRAYER

In line with what we did last year, we will once more be spending the month of January in prayer, together, as a church.  January 2016 is about seeking His face.

So how is this going to work?

We will be holding church prayer meetings every Tuesday evening in January and also after the church service every Sunday Morning in January.  There will be no Sunday evening meetings in January.  We are also encouraging every Tuesday in January 2016 to be a day of fasting, if you are able.

The intercessory prayer meeting will not be taking place on Wednesday evenings during the month of January but, as last year, if you are willing to host a prayer meeting on a weekly basis through the week, please get in touch so that we can put the details in the newsletter.  The more prayer, the better 🙂   The only thing that we would ask is that if you are hosting a prayer meeting outside of the scheduled church prayer meetings, please can you let Robbie or Chris know anything you feel God is saying at these meetings, so that we can get a sense of what God is saying through the whole month.

What are the themes?

The image above says “Keep Calm and Seek His Face” and that word FACE, is also going to help us, because we are going to use that as an acronym to the themes we are going to be praying into.

F will stand for Family.
A will stand for Anointing.
C will stand for Community.
E will stand for Expectation.

1. Seeking His Face on Family.

By family we mean church family. Scripture has much to say on how we we are to be with one another.

To be devoted to one another
Honour one another above ourselves
Live in harmony with one another
To love one another
To not pass judgement on one another
To instruct one another
Greeting one another
Agree with one another
Serve one another
Be kind and compassionate to one another
Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ
Encourage one another


Scripture also talks about unity and how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in unity. That there be no divisions among us, that we may be united in love.

But also throughout scripture we see the practical aspects of care that is so essential in any church.

So as well as praying for each other and with each other, we will be praying into these themes regarding one another, regarding unity, regarding care because at the foundation is love. Love for God and love for one another. Because the church is made up of people, living stones, and those stones need to be held together in love – Jesus said that by this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another.

2. Seeking His face on Anointing.

This is specifically oriented to the prophetic word brought to us as a church on 13th December: To find our role and place within the church.

We all have a role but I different roles, but we have a commonality in our different roles in that both are equally vital.

But not only that we will be praying that the gifts God gives by His Spirit will be manifest among us. The gift of prophecy, healing, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, leadership, administration, compassion, giving, the list could go on – that spiritual gifts will be evident by their operation among us – why? So that those who come in openly declare, that surely God is among us. A place where His Spirit dwells and moves.

We are going to be praying for the anointing of God to come not only on this place, but on each one of us whether we are involved in spiritual ministry or practical ministry because what turns a role in the church from a chore and a duty is the anointing.

3. Seeking His face on Community.

And when we were praying at a leaders meeting about what pray about in January, there were 2 pictures the Lord brought that really spoke into this area.

The first one what that the streets of Merkinch were covered in seeds. Mustard seeds to be precise. The second one was a picture of an old fashioned telephone box on the roundabout that is in the middle of South Kessock. That spoke to us in a number of ways – firstly the need for 1:1 communication being central. But also it spoke to us that going to a telephone box to have a conversation and that there would be cost involved

And so we when we come to that theme, we will not only be praying for the community – but to pray that we will be vessels that water the seeds that are sown, to have those 1:1 conversations, and that God will move us to go, irrespective of the cost.

4. Seeking His face on Expectation

And finally, we pray into Expectation. A couple of passages, one in the New Testament and one in the Old Testament, to illustrate.

The first was regarding the upper room when the disciples had seen Jesus ascend and were now waiting for the promised Holy Spirit. They were in prayer daily, waiting. And the picture is this.

Day 1, they prayed expecting Holy Spirit to come. Nothing happened.
Day 2, they prayed expecting Holy Spirit to come. Nothing happened. Did not stop them praying.
Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 etc.
Then the Day of Pentecost came and boom. The Holy Spirit came – did the disciples know when that Day would arrive? No, but God did and it did arrive because Jesus had promised it and the disciples were ready for it because they expected it.

The second example was Elijah on top of Mount Carmel. Elijah had just proved that Lord is God and all the prophets of Baal were slaughtered, then Elijah said to Ahab that there was the sound of heavy rain: Ahab went off and Elijah went to the top of Mount Carmel with his servant and started praying. He told his servant to look towards the sea. Nothing. Elijah prayed again then sent his servant to look towards the sea. Nothing. 7 times Elijah prayed and on the 7th time that the servant went to check, a cloud as small as a man’s hand was rising from the sea. The heavy rain was coming.

The Lord had told Elijah what was coming, and Elijah prayed into it. Each time expecting the prayer to be answered, but when it was not he prayed again expecting and then on the 7th time it happened and Elijah was ready. Is there a significance on the 7th time? Only that 7 is a number used to illustrate perfection, in that in God’s perfect timing God’s answer will come.

The promises of God will be fulfilled. What God says to us is going to happen, will happen – it will happen in His perfect timing, and we’re going to be praying into these things and we’re going to be praying expectantly.


So in conclusion, In January 2016, we will seek His face for Family, Anointing, Community and Expectancy because it covers everything we desire church to be – unstoppable. The Lord has been faithful to us, leading us, in 2015 and I know He will do the same in 2016.

There will be times of blessing, there will be times of trouble, but He is faithful and as we seek His face, we will find Him, when we seek Him with all our heart.

Prayer precedes any move of God and in 2016 we are praying that individually and corporately we will be a place with God dwells and moves, to His glory and praise.

Speak Lord, your servants are listening.



1 Corinthians 15

The resurrection chapter.

v3 says 3 most important things.

  • Christ died according to scriptures
  • Christ was buried according to scriptures
  • Christ was raised to life according to the scriptures

Paul returns to where he started in chapter 1 : Christ and Him crucified and devotes the whole chapter to resurrection!

We are amazed at doctors, nurses, paramedics, surgeons etc.  they can resuscitate; but we are not talking about that – we are talking about resurrection

Ezekiel 37: dry bones vision. That is resurrection and one day it’s going to happen

Job:  though worms eat my flesh yet I will see see you!  He has the hope of resurrection!

Daniel:  sees humanity rising from the dust of the earth.  He sees the resurrection. (Dan Ch 24)

What’s important about resurrection?

If no resurrection then we are men most miserable because preaching, faith is in vain.  There is no hope.

Channel tunnel:  goes into English side and comes out the French side.  If not then we’d be left wondering and darkness would win the day. Jesus went into tunnel of death and came out the other side!

How do we know Jesus is alive? Paul says He was seen by  people and seen by himself!  We know because we met with Christ, because we have a personal relationship with him.  He lives within my heart.  People can’t take away our experience of Him.

v32 says do you think Paul would lay his life on the line for things that are rubbish?

Then he starts talking about resurrection of people who believe in Jesus.  Not just the engine driver gets out the tunnel but everyone on the train!  Like putting a bulb in ground will come out completely different, so too

  • Perishing body for imperishable
  • Dishonour raised in glory
  • Physical to spiritual
  • Weakness raised in power

Paul ends with “O death where is thy sting… Grave where is your victory?”.

Bible talks of 2 resurrections.  Dan 12 says some raised to eternal life and some to eternal death. 1st resurrection is the rapture, after the millennium is second resurrection. What’s important is we are in the first and that we are ready.

Let’s know excitement of resurrection!



Anniversary Weekend Programme

ericWe are delighted to have Pastor Eric Parker with us for our anniversary weekend on 5&6th September 2015

Eric is the senior pastor at The Ark, Dover and a member of the UK Apostolic Leadership Team and Director of Mission of ActionOverseas. He has previously served as a pastor in Inverness and Tain.

Eric has a strong ministry that encourages change and he loves to see God’s Spirit move, he is passionate about seeing people saved and moving on in their walk with God.

Anniversary Praise Evening
Where: Merkinch Community Centre.
When: 5th Sept 2015 at 5pm

Sunday Morning Service
Where: Merkinch Community Centre.
When: 6th Sept 2015 at 10.20am

Eric is married to Rena and they have three grown up children. Rena and Eric are registered foster parents and currently care for three young children.

Eric is one of Arsenal’s strongest supporters and a keen fisherman.



Being & Doing

Focus for Sept 2015 onwards

What’s been happening since the start of the year?

In January 2015 we spent, as a fellowship, the entire month praying for each other, for an equipping of and by the Spirit, for expansion and for every other church;  and in that time God spoke to us clearly in 3 ways:

  • To keep praying
  • That our purpose was confirmed
  • That our next step was revealed

We had to do that for 7 months (Feb – Aug 2015) and that has been our focus

So, what now?

Well, to cut a long story short there are 3 things that we feel God is directing us in summarised in the phrase “being and doing”, with our “doing” coming out of our “being”


Being:  This is going to the focus of Sunday mornings.  Consistently God has spoken into our meetings with the following scripture.

Matthew 11:28-30
“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”

This is fundamental for us as a church to really understand what it means to come to Jesus and find that place of rest despite the circumstance and to be dependent on Him, learn from him and walk with Him.

Doing: This will be the focus of Sunday evenings and what we do through the week.

We will be working through various passages from the gospels to understand how Jesus interacted with and reach people in order that we can be better at seizing opportunities, building relationships and sharing the good news with them.  This will be to help us during the week as we seek to use friendship evangelism to reach those we already know and those we don’t know.

We are encouraging everyone to pray about and then act on what they can do in getting involved in community in whatever way (attending events, volunteering), at whatever time is suitable, at whatever frequency.  The important thing is to build relationship as the platform for sharing the good news.

We are looking to be church in the community before community can come to church.

Prayer:  All of the above underpinned by prayer.


To summarise:

  • Sunday mornings focused on “being”
  • Sunday evening focused on teaching regarding the “doing”
  • Look to get involved in community activities to build relationships with people in the community – take church to community so that community will come to church
  • And covered all by prayer.




Apostolic Church 100

Since it’s beginning in 1916, The Apostolic Church has carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more than 90 nations. In 2016 we celebrate our first 100 years. This short video is a promotional clip for a DVD being produced on the history of the UK Apostolic Church.