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Prayer precedes any move of God

Two rivers run through scriptures

  1. God’s sovereignty
  2. Human responsibility

Prayer does not rule out the sovereignty of God but somehow He is able to weave the prayers into His sovereignty

Early in the morning, while it is still dark, he went to pray

While it is still dark phrase – what is dark?  Future? Today? Circumstance?  Are we coming to the Lord saying we are in the dark and need His light and His help


  1. Old Testament. Nation of Israel. Family find themselves in Egypt.  God comes to Moses because of the cry of the people. It was God’s will for them to live in the promised land; walls rebuilt because Nehemiah prayed.  But God’s will for Jerusalem was to be restored.   When prayer happens things can actually get worse.  Because there is an enemy that does not want breakthrough to happen.  So we need to persevere.  Daniel is a book of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility of prayer.
  2. New Testament.  John the Baptist. Divine sovereignty that he would come; but he came in to being because God heard Zechariah’s prayer.   Day of Pentecost was foretold in sovereignty, but 120 people prayed!
  3. Experience.  Every revival starts with prayer. Welsh revival.  Outer Hebrides.




God is saying to prepare!

How did the wise men prepare?

Loved him simply because of who He is.  We need to be in that place of just loving him: not just because of what he has done (that’s still good), but also because of who He is!  They came to honour Him and bring gifts to Him.  We need to not keep asking him for things (which is still ok) but giving to him our worship; bringing our gift of worship to Him.

How did Mary prepare?

She was leaning on the word of God – be it unto me as the word of the Lord has said.

How did Simeon prepare?

Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  The spirit has spoken once and he was waiting on the Holy Spirit to speak again.  He was ‘tuned in’, living close to God.

How did Anna prepare?

Looking to the Lord – she was praying and fasting and looking to the Lord for what he was going to do

How did the Shepherds prepare?

Living oblivious to the preparations when suddenly God broke in.  We can’t live like that because we are not ignorant – we need to be living in expectancy

How did teachers of the law prepare?

Loopy.  They knew it was going to happen but they did not prepare for it.



Old has gone and the new has come


Terms have changed over the years,  For example, ‘cool’ used to mean cold; but today it means something completely different.  ‘Gay’ used to mean happy, now it is very different.  Terms change.

Also in spiritual terms;  Jesus spoke in a language the people could understand.  The term ‘in Christ’ has been replaced by ‘my faith’, ‘my baptism’; ‘I believe God’ but they do not convey the truth of what it means to be in Christ


What does it mean to be ‘in Christ’?  People IN the ark were saved.  Everyone IN Rahabs house were saved.  Those who are IN Christ will know salvation.


In Christ we are a new creation!  That is transformation.  5 words and a demonstration:

  1. A letter gets put in an envelope. 
  2. The letter is accepted into the envelope
  3. The letter now has security because it’s in the envelope
  4. The letter in the envelope knows significance. It’s important and it’s special. Significance not because of what you do, but where you are
  5. The letter in the envelope has got destiny!

How can we know acceptance, security, significance, destiny?  Because the letter has a stamp on it!  The price has been paid by the precious blood of Jesus.



Rehoboam.  3 afflictions of an unkind spirit

  1. Blindness to opportunity.  What an opportunity missed.  The people of Israel offered it on a plate just with a simple act of kindness.  It’s a no brainer but Rehoboam needed 3 days to think about it
  2. Deafness to wise council.  It can take time to get the answer we want and then use that to justify ourselves – so be kind to one another.
  3. Words we live to regret.  Once spoken they cannot be undone.  Even eloquent words from a harsh spirit damages

Rehoboam was passionate, full of words but he is the king who lost Israel

Words may not reach someone who is under oppression.  But an act of kindness can. It will reach a place where miracles cannot.


Jesus the healer

Jesus wants to make you whole, make you complete

10 lepers were healed but only 1 was made whole because his spiritual condition was touched because he came back to give thanks,

Jesus knows what is best for us.  Because he knows what tomorrow holds.  King Hezekiah in the Old Testament would of been better not living for the extra 15 years!

Jesus says grace is sufficient. Paul’s thorn in the flesh was not specific therefore it covers everything – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. 

Paul would rather be weak so that God’s power would be made visible.



Jesus the preacher

Matthew 4v17

What kind of preacher was he?  Did he use notes?  Was he jumping around when he preached?

But it’s not the type of preacher but what is said that is important.  When he preached Jesus:

  1. brought light
  2. brought good news
  3. talked in a way people can understand
  4. was focused
  5. showed people how to apply it

A kingdom is just where we live

Jesus was asking what kingdom do we want to live in because Jesus is saying the kingdom of God is near.

We are born into the kingdom of darkness.  Drugs, deceit, despair, disobedience, depression, death, defeat.  But He has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

We ought not to live lives in the ashes back there but we need to repent! For the kingdom of God is at hand.

We, we, need to set our affections on things above rather than the ashes of yesterday.

And we pray – Thy kingdom come!  In my life, in my church, in my community.


Jesus – Baptiser with the Fire

Symobolised by fire: burning bush; a fire goes before Him and burns up all his enemies; tongues of fire on the day of Pentecost

Fire signifies presence.

Baptised in the Holy Spirit and with fire means baptised in His power and in His presence.


We need to understand being baptised in His presence.  Having the fire means we start to understand Him


When the fire falls the rubbish is burned away.  Are we ready for the rubbish in our lives to be consumed?  Look at judgement seat of Christ.  Malachi talks about the refiners fire – the hotter the fire the purer the gold. 

Chaff was once useful. Is there anything in our lives as ICF that was useful but we are still hanging onto it.  It was good in the past but not needed anymore.


Do we need our passion revived?  To rekindle those dying embers


Where does the fire fall?  On the sacrifice.  Fire needs fuel.


Jesus – Baptiser with the Holy Spirit

Think about it in terms of the anointing.  In the Old Testament anointing the oil was poured over the head and it covered them from top to bottom.

Kings were anointed; Prophets were anointed;  Priests were anointed;  Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit.  If Jesus needed it, how much more do we need it!

What does the anointing do?

  1. Brings release into my life – breaks the heavy yoke
  2. Brings release into the lives of others
  3. Enables us to carry the presence of God.  What distinguishes us? A shining face – the presence of God.