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The page contains mainly sermon notes, or thoughts people have shared.  It also contains some full sermon notes.

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This page is continually being added to, so while we may not have what you are looking for now we hope that what you do find will be of value to you as you seek to live for Him and follow Him.

Recent Posts

Prayer precedes any move of God

Two rivers run through scriptures God's sovereignty Human responsibility Prayer does not rule out the sovereignty of God but somehow He is able to weave the prayers into His sovereignty Early in the morning, while it is still dark, he went to pray While it is still dark phrase - ...
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God is saying to prepare! How did the wise men prepare? Loved him simply because of who He is. We need to be in that place of just loving him: not just because of what he has done (that's still good), but also because of who He is! They came ...
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Old has gone and the new has come

Terms Terms have changed over the years, For example, 'cool' used to mean cold; but today it means something completely different. 'Gay' used to mean happy, now it is very different. Terms change. Also in spiritual terms; Jesus spoke in a language the people could understand. The term 'in Christ' ...
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